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Who We Are

TCL Consulting LLC specializes in representing small business owners nationwide in securing financing for their startup business or business expansion.  We represent you, not the lender.  Our goal is to make the process as stress free as possible and to secure the best financing terms for the business.

What We Do

Commercial Loans – Conventional Loan or SBA Loan?

The loan process is complex and confusing with so many types of loans available and numerous lenders offering different loan terms.  Conventional Loan or SBA Loan?  Each loan has advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of business and the use of loan proceeds. This is compounded by individual lender’s requirements.

TCL Consulting services provide an opportunity for you to build a better relationship with a lender by pre-qualifying, your loan within 24 hours.  With a minimal amount of information, we can provide you with loan recommendations and assist in a faster submission to a lender and potentially a formal credit decision.  TCL Consulting services includes a quick qualification, a business plan, completion of the lender’s required forms, and getting an SBA or a Conventional loan funded.


How We Do It

TCL Consulting can assist you with the following:

Loan Pre-Qualification

Deal Structure

Lender Requirements

Business Plan

Loan Packaging

Loan Submission

Let us assist you to make the entire process less stressful in securing the funds you need to start your new business venture or expand your business.  Our services will save you time allowing you can focus other critical issues. We are fully committed to our clients and we aim to exceed expectations!

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