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Starting a business?



Starting a business? Expanding your operations?

TCL Consulting can assist you with the following:

  • Pre-qualification of your loan based on basic lending guidelines.
  • Deal Structure
  • Lender Requirements
  • Business Plans
  • Loan Packaging

We are fully committed to our customers and we aim to exceed expectations!


Tired of waiting on lenders to give you an answer?

At TCL Consulting, we provide an opportunity for you to build a better relationship with a lender by pre-qualifying your loan within 24 hours.   With a small amount of information we can provide you with loan recommendations and assist in a faster submission to a lender and potentially a formal credit decision.  TCL Consulting services includes a Q2, a business plan, completion of the lender’s required forms, and getting a Conventional or SBA loan funded for clients nationwide.

The Benefits of Quick Qualification or Q2

  • Immediate Feedback
    • Deal structure
    • Is it a fit for a Conventional or an SBA loan?
  • Opportunity to build a better relationship a lender
  • Fewer “Surprises” during the underwriting process

In order to Quick Qualify your deal with me please fax or email the following information:

  • Past 2 years Corporate Tax Returns for existing businesses
    • Pages 1, 4 & the Other Deductions Schedule
  • Current Interim Statement for existing businesses
  • Principal’s Personal Financial Statement
  • Personal Profile
  • Estimated loan amount


Is an SBA loan right for your business?

SBA offers a variety of loan programs that are made by lending instituions and guaranteed by the SBA. Understanding the different loan programs is the first step towards receiving assistance. Whether you are just getting started or expanding your business, SBA loans is a valuable source of financing. The two commonly offered loans are the SBA 7(a) and the SBA 504 loan.


SBA Loan Comparison

SBA 7(a) Loan

SBA 504 Loan

Loan Program Bank Loan Provided through a CDC (Certified Development Company) licensed through the SBA and a bank loan
Loan Up to 90% bank loan 50% bank loan (non-guaranteed loan)
Up to 40% CDC loan
Borrower 10% minimum plus additional borrower equity injection of 5% for startup business and/or special purpose use property. Example: Startup business and special purpose use = 20% equity injection.
Use of Funds Business expansion or business acquisition, renovation, purchase land and building, new construction, purchase machinery and equipment, purchase inventory, working capital, leasehold improvements. Long term fixed asset loan to purchase land and building, new construction, renovation, purchase machinery and equipment
Loan Size Maximum $5,000,000 Maximum $5,000,000 to $15,000,000 depending on type of business or project
Interest Rates Variable or fixed rate depending on lender. Maximum variable rate is WSJ Prime + 2.75% Variable or Fixed Rates
Fixed rate on the 504 loan when the debenture is sold
Loan Term 5-10 years for loans without real estate
Upto 25 years for loans with real estate
Up to 10 years for machinery and equipment
Up to 25 years for real estate
Benefits One closing and One loan that includes all project cost including inventory, working capital, soft costs/pre-opening costs, closing costs.
Long term financing, inmproved cash flow, fixed maturity, no balloons
Possiblity of as little as 10% cash injection based on the total project costs
Higher maximum loan amount
SBA/CDC portion of loan offers a fixed rate, full amortization, no balloon

Why TCL Consulting

Stop wasting your time going from lender to lender!

Team up with TCL Consulting!   We represent you, the business owner, not the lender!

One SBA 7(a) loan can include the purchase of real estate, construction of new building, renovation, leasehold improvements, equipment, inventory, soft costs, closing costs, interim interest, and closing costs. SBA loan maturities up to 25 years for real estate based loans.

Improve the odds of having your loan request approved by working together as a team beginning with the initial review of your information and through closing.

Recently closed loans include a 25 year $3,200,000 loan for a start up car wash, a 25 year $2,100,000 loan for an auto collision repair shop expansion, and numerous 10 year loans for startup franchises nationwide.

Consulting services includes a quick pre-qualification of your loan with a minimum amount of information, a business plan, completion of all of the lenders required forms, and getting your Conventional or SBA loan funded.

Our experience includes 22 years in lending, two years underwriting and closing SBA loans for a Nationwide Preferred Lender, ownership of a small business, and commercial real estate.

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